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Transforming investing in real estate through digital innovation


Our client is an established international asset manager in real estate, offering quality investment opportunities to a global investor base with a large footprint across Asia. As part of its strategy to improve efficiency and investment product innovation they selected DAWN Direct™ to significantly enhance the automation of product distribution, management of investor accounts and onboarding of new accredited investors acquired through targeted digital marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

The limitations in distributing and managing conventional investment products was a major bottleneck when improving efficiencies through automation. Skyhook designed a fully digital solution that covers the end-to-end processes for investment product issuance and administration, account on-boarding and management, order management and payment processing to seamlessly automate every stage of wealth service delivery.

The Solution

Skyhook’s DAWN Direct™ solution provides all the components that our client requires and is made accessible through a white-labelled investor portal, hosted on the cloud-based Skyhook DAWN™ platform fully integrated with the client’s back office:

  • Tokenization of client’s land acquisition based loan product, issued as a digital security on the most suitable blockchain protocol
  • Digital on-boarding (KYC) of accredited investors in accordance with the required regulatory environments, starting with Singapore using SingPass plus other selected Asian markets and configured to expand globally
  • Deal offer and investor management support (deal book management, investor bid management, deal allocation & deal acceptance etc) managed by the client through the back office admin portal
  • Seamlessly integrated digital asset custody and digital asset life cycling services, fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Digital payment processing providing investors with “virtual accounts” for the instant processing and settlement of their investments and redemptions, fully regulated under Singapore’s Payment Services Act
  • Option for investors to pay in selected crypto e.g. stable coin USDC
  • Yield-earning program on the USDC held in the corporate wallets
  • Listing of client’s digital securities on Skyhook’s Global Product Shelf (DAWN GPS™) for promotion to third-party distribution channels
  • Supporting digital marketing campaigns leveraging social media channels

Conclusion: Leveraging the Benefits of Digital Product Innovation

The DAWN Direct™ solution provides a platform supporting new product innovation, expanding its distribution into new market segments while optimising investor benefits. DAWN Direct™ has solved operational bottlenecks in the legacy environment through advancements in blockchain technology that greatly improve the issuance and administration of investment products.  

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