DAWN Direct

DAWN Direct™

Fully Automated Wealth Management

DAWN Direct™ is your cloud-based platform and infrastructure to automate the entire Account Management and Investment Product lifecycle for Wealth and Asset Management firms to deliver their services over a highly scalable and efficient digital distribution channel.

DAWN Direct

Wealth Service Delivery over Digital Channels

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DAWN Direct

We provide a white-label solution architecture combining conventional and blockchain business services to automate the entire supply chain for investment product distribution. Key features of DAWN Direct™ include:

  • Complete white-label wealth portal to deliver digital wealth and asset investment services to investors
  • Seamless integration to specialist solution providers for account on-boarding, digital securities custody and origination, portfolio management and instant settlement
  • Directly connects to third-party distribution channels through DAWN GPS™ to extend market reach for investment products within the inhouse product shelf
  • Issuance and administration of digital securities (funds, equities and bonds) under MAS (Singapore) and SEC (US) jurisdictions over Ethereum and R3/Corda blockchain / DLT protocols
  • Open API for bespoke integration to third-party components and ease of deployment within legacy application environment

How to start the journey for breakthrough business transformation


Make an

Enter your details through Contact Us and we will schedule a call to begin the process to understand your business goals and current operating capabilities critical to your success from which we can develop a detailed requirements analysis and proposal.



Upon acceptance of our proposal we conduct a detailed analysis of key business services and roadmap for deployment aligned to an optimal business case. This provides the blueprint to deploy the Skyhook DAWNTM infrastructure and configure the key components in our solution suite for the optimal cost benefit deployment approach.



Once the scope and deployment approach is accepted we implement using our cloud-based solution, providing a highly adaptable infrastructure to manage the transformation as the global financial services industry shifts to the blockchain / DLT technology for issuance, settlement and administration of investment products under a common framework.


Ongoing Support and Further Digitalisation

Once deployed into production we offer global support 24×7 for ongoing business continuity and keep driving your business innovation leveraging our product development program to enhance your operational capabilities.

DAWN Direct™ Benefits

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Easy to use, easy to deploy cloud-based platform

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Extends product offering to Investors through seamless business integration of conventional and digital securities

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Robust, trustful and secure white-label portal environment

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Fast integration to third-party solutions and distribution channels

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A complete business solution for investment product distribution and wealth service delivery

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Maintains competitive advantage as the wealth industry transforms from conventional to digital securities




Founder’s Note

“Skyhook Capital is the culmination of knowledge and experience I have gained working for renowned, leading-edge companies that spearheaded disruption in the financial services industry from the early 1990s. Since 2005 I have worked exclusively in my own start-ups, specialising in wealth technology that automates the supply chain for advice and investment product distribution, achieving over US$1.5 trillion in transacted assets through the platforms those organisations have deployed within banks and IFAs operating across all customer segments and over a dozen markets globally.

Blockchain technology combined with Web 3.0 and AI brings together the most exciting and disruptive technologies to ever impact the wealth management industry and Skyhook Capital is positioned to be a leading innovator. As seen with all other industries that have gone fully digital including retail goods, entertainment and travel logistics, we are creating a transformational platform for the wealth industry to digitally deliver a complete service to their customers that goes well beyond the capabilities offered today.”

DAWN Direct

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